• Agricultural Entrepreneurship Training
• Production planning
• Finance and Business Management
• Transplantation Techniques Training
• Product Diversification and Variety Selection
• Harvest and Post-Harvest Processing Techniques
• Agricultural Control and Agricultural Control Techniques,
• Irrigation and Plant Nutrition Techniques
• Agricultural Mechanization and Technologies
• Food Safety and Risk Management
• Food Processing and Packaging Techniques
• Product Preservation and Storage Techniques
• Quality Control and Expert Systems
• Product Diversification and Development Techniques
• Food Presentation and Marketing Techniques
• Livestock Basic Training
• Bovine Livestock
• Ovine Livestock
• Poultry Farming
• Beekeeping
• Aquaculture Livestock • Animal diseases and control methods
• Animal welfare techniques
• International marketing and foreign trade education
• Agricultural organization and cooperative education
• Entrepreneurship and business development techniques
• Professional personal development training
• Effective management and leadership training
• Educator, Trainings
• Agricultural Business Management
• Herd Management (Shepherd) Training
• Quality, Control Expertise Training
• Non-Packaging Specialist Training
• Local handicraft production training
• Project Manager Training


Cattle Management Training Program Details

As an exchange visitor on the cattle management program will gain hands-on experience in cattle operations including; calving, weaning, breeding, and forage preparation. Herd health and pasture management.

As an exchange visitor on the ICAF cattle management program you will have the opportunity to experience calving through February, March, and April while during the summer months, you will focus on fence maintenance, herd health management, and pasture management. In the fall, calves will be weaned, and the care and feeding of beef cattle take place and may include ration balancing and herd management.

Dairy Farm Program Details

Gain experience on some of the most progressive dairy farms in the TURKEY. Embrace the opportunity to learn from a wide range of activities from herd care to dairy marketing

As an exchange visitor on the ICAF dairy program you will get the opportunity to be involved in a modern dairy operation. The program can include; milking, feeding, cleaning, and record keeping, harvesting forage and grain, treatment of sick animals, and waste disposal/sanitation. You may also have the chance to be involved with the hosts breeding and nutrition program as well. Dairy set-ups have either a tie-stall/stanchion barn or a free stall and parlor set-up.

Beekeeper Training Program Details

Through the ICAF beekeeping training program, you will gain hands-on experience working with beehives. Bees are an important aspect of agriculture, and you will learn how pollination is used to keep the agriculture, industry alive! Exchange visitors on this program will learn about the different uses of bees, honey production, beehive nutrition, and the movement of bees.

Through a beekeeper training program, you will observe business management skills. As an exchange visitor, you will learn how to handle the delicate beehives and how to care for bees. You will also learn the importance of pollination in the agriculture industry, as well as techniques of using bees in the pollination of fruit trees. Most beekeeping training programs are in the areas of honey production and the sale of queen bees.


On the viticulture training program, an exchange visitor may assist in many various aspects of vineyard production including grape growing, sampling, canopy management, harvest, and analyzing how the soil and climate affect the character and quality of the grapes. On a viticulture program, you will have the opportunity to learn most aspects of the vineyard including sampling, grape growing processes, canopy management, spraying programs, and harvest intake.


Greenhouse training programs offer exchange visitors a quality hands-on experience in growing and caring for indoor and outdoor potted plants for retail sale and wholesale. Through a greenhouse-training program, you will learn how to grow and care for a variety of plants based on the growing cycle of each plant.

The ICAF greenhouse training program gives you the hands-on opportunity to learn propagation starting from a plant seed or plant cuttings across several varieties of plants including; Ivy, Begonia, Fern, Poinsettia, Violets, Euphoria, Geraniums and Hydrangea. Greenhouse programs may include the planting of field stock, the maintenance of plants, the harvesting and grading of plants, as well as preparing wholesale or retail orders. Greenhouse training programs range between smaller family-run operations on 1 or 2 acres, to large scale companies with 1 million square feet of indoor greenhouses.